Composite Production

This process is performed in specially designed manufacturing sites and operational areas that are physically separated from each other.

This process is performed with outmost respect for customer’s special needs.Composite production facilities consist of climate-controlled pre-preg (resin impregnated fiber) laminating area, climate-controlled lamination serial production sites, independent air intake system grading area, independent air-intake paint-gelcoat cabin and a polishing section also with independent air intake system.

During production of composites, molecular orientation is performed with a heat/time controlled process. Thermosets and other quality products are being manufactured in 93 cubic meter ovens that reach a temperature of 190°C. The filtration of gas during the process is performed in 72 square meter gelcoat cabin.

After the manufacturing process is completed, the Advance Composite departments analyze the product to make sure it meets the necessary quality standards for delivery to the final customer. All these processes make it easier to control the end-to-end duration between sourcing raw material and completion of the final product.

Mould, Lamination and Coating

With its highly experienced team working for detail molding design, Sirena Marine designs and manufactures molds from aluminum, epoxy tooling block, carbon or glass fiber in its 900 square-meter Polishing Workshop.

Located in a 1300 square-meter production area, Lamination Workshop is the place where fiber and resin comes together to create the composite materials. In the second workshop where the molds are placed, chemical production and fiberglass cutting processes are carried out.

Just after lamination process, the products are taken into the coating area. This process is performed with outmost respect for customer’s special wishes.