Automotive and Rail Systems

Setting an example for sustainability in every sector it is active in, Sirena Marine reflects its extensive manufacturing know-how acquired in the marine industry to a now much broader set of products.

In its top of the line 35.000 square meter facility (in a total area of 155.000 square meters) and with its more than 1000 employees, including 80 engineers, the company has expanded to manufacturing composite and stainless steel parts for the automotive, rails and defense sectors.

After receiving the certificate of ISO/TS 16949 Automotive Industry Quality Management System in December 2013, Sirena Marine has had collaborations with sister company Karsan. It produced many different composite parts for the project of city buses undertaken by Karsan. Over time, the company succeeded to expand its customer base and today it manufactures stainless steel handles for TCV, composite pieces for air conditioning for Safkar, composite parts for the trucks of Hisarlar and pre-series production of composite parts for MAN.

In stainless steel production, Sirena Marine creates products with high corrosion-resistance which contributes to increase safety of transportation. At the same time, the company is one of the leading manufacturers with IRIS certificate. It has also undertaken projects in defense industry and construction equipment sector. The company also started doing mass production in rails sector through the production of composite parts for the locomotives of Hyundai Rotem made by Tulomsas. All composite parts and stainless steel handles for General Electric locomotives in Tulomsas and CRRC MNG’s underground project for Ankara, composite parts and stainless steel handles for Bozankaya trolley projects and stainless steel handles for CAF trains bear the signature of Sirena Marine. The company has also earned the EN 15085 certification for rail systems.


Sirena Marine continues to make a difference with SMC moulding press, one of the company’s leading investments in 2015. With a 3,20 x 2 x 2 meter platform and a capacity of 2000 tons, this SMC press is the best within Turkey and ready to serve clients with high capacity requirements.


The 6 axis robot plus rotary work cell can now take over the production of materials with long and sensitive trimming processes, ensuring high productivity levels.