About Us

Three divisions comprise the brands of Sirena Marine. Sirena Yachts builds luxury long-range cruising yachts, with a range including five yachts Sirena 48, 58, 68, 78, and 88 Each model captures the essence of the cruising experience in ways that create options for yacht owners and their guests. The brand Euphoria is line of cruising sailing yachts that delivers three models, Euphoria 54, 68, and 84, designed by Germán Frers to join luxurious onboard living with an unmatched sailing experience. The third division is Azuree, which builds sailboats including the Azuree 33C, 41, and 46 These sailboats use a specific hull concept that combines sailing performance with maneuverability in designs that offer onboard comfort in a carefully considered layout.

Sirena Marine is driven by a passion for the sea. We create yachts to deliver that compelling emotion to our customers using an innovative blend of design, technology, and craftmanship to offer desirable features including long cruising range, available speed, unmatched interior volume, onboard comfort, and timeless style inside and out. Drawing on a hard-won history of efficient manufacturing and unparalleled customer service, Sirena Marine maintains the highest standards of quality and excellence, and uses that as a guide to drive our worldwide brand development.

Sirena Marine understands that success means constantly moving forward, growing our product line, and evolving our offerings to meet the ever-changing needs of the market. We have announced we are developing Sirena Superyachts to offer a line of larger models with distinctive designs including 35M, 42M, and 50M concepts.

It’s all part of the passion of Sirena Marine: We believe that a yacht company can offer a multifaceted contribution to global culture, and we strive to use that position to sponsor important art projects, as well as offer lines of clothing and accessories, and support initiatives to protect natural resources and inspire sustainability. Sirena Marine is a company that builds on our collective past to create a better future.