Brands Azuree

Azuree yachts are designed to offer the best possible combination of the most comfortable cruising experience and high-level sailing performance, both to experienced sailors as well as beginners.

Each model in the Azuree range features a carefully arranged and beautifully appointed interior layout, together with a distinctively chined hull that delivers exceptional performance and unique maneuverability.


Azuree 33c

Azuree 41

Azuree 46

The Azuree 33C – launched in 2015 – offers more space than any other cruiser in this size range currently on the market, as well as more flexibility.

With her totally customizable living areas, the Azuree 33C gives owners the freedom of creating a bright new boat to match their performance expectations, lifestyle, and taste.

The exciting new Azuree 41 has been developed as a high-level performance cruising yacht, designed to reconcile and harmonize the demanding requirements of indulgent cruising and those underlying regatta ambitions that seldom leave the dedicated sailor.

The Azuree 46 — the flagship of Azuree range — has been designed to be fast and exhilarating.

Yet, performance and race-winning potential are only part of the DNA of the Azuree 46. She is up to the simple pleasures of just enjoying life on board, offering home-like comforts at anchor as much as making long-distance passagemaking a part of any sailor’s potential itinerary.

The Azuree 46 offers several unique features that are a compelling proposition to fast sailors who are also looking for comfort and stability.

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