The spirit of the Sea

One of the first class marine groups that caters to the different needs of uncompromising people who share a deep love for the sea – Sailing & Yachting More


As a world-class luxury marine group, we own and operate award-winning sub brands that are seeked, respected and appreciated globally.

Technology &

Innovation and technology in the world of yachting has progressed in leaps and bounds over the past few decades. Luxury motor yachts and premium sailing yachts have gone from strength to strength, with improved marine technology and countless yacht innovations resulting in faster, stronger and more reliable yachts available to a wider pool of enthusiastic yacht owners all over the world.

At Sirena Marine, passion for the sea is what drives each and every product, resulting in constant improvements for the benefit of the customer. This means constant research and development to provide improved convenience for yacht owners and yacht guests for a better experience at sea, as well as improved efficiency for better seakeeping and reduced running costs.

The future of yachting

At Sirena Marine, passion for the sea is what drives each and every product, resulting in constant improvements for the benefit of the customer.


& Values

We believe in quality, excellence and worldwide brand development. We believe that technology brings maximum customer satisfaction, providing superior convenience and efficiency. We believe in a seamless journey, from sales to

after-sales we put customer satisfaction at the core of our business. We believe to protect and sustain the environment by complying with all environmental laws and regulations. We believe in the best. We believe in Sirena Marine. More


At the heart of our brand lies five key qualities:

  • Technology
  • Customizability
  • Craftsmanship
  • Trustworthiness
  • Sincerity

The future of Sirena Marine

Have the power, vision and understanding of using the finest materials, creating its product range through advanced technology and timeless design.

Design &

  • Maximum comfort, ultimate reliability
  • Unparalleled interior and exterior living spaces
  • High level of customisation
  • Significant fuel and water capacity for long-range cruising
  • Impressive fuel-consumption efficiency


Our design work is backed by our solid racing and cruising tradition at sea and a clear understanding of the enjoyment and peace of mind that life on board yields, which can be taken to a higher degree by the beauty and functionality of the design.


Timeless classic is the ideal description of Spadolini style. Clean, sober and essential lines that create a design that is both classic and modern; harmonious and balanced designs that never grow old. In Tommaso’s words:“To define the design of a yacht in a word: "the only lines are the essential lines."


Cor D. Rover is a Dutch yacht design studio specialised in styling of large motor yachts for interior- and exterior yacht design. Together with my team I search for new ways to give every yacht the exclusive appearance that satisfies the wishes of my clients. With respect for both classic lines as well as modern shipbuilding-techniques, together we will search for that single style that makes it to what it eventually will be: Your Yacht!


Sirena Marine, an expert in creating the details of the art of living, invites you to listen to the magical whispers within the pages of this magazine.

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